Wave console


Overall : H 65 x L 180 x D 45 cm / ribbon width : 27 cm

Created in 2016, the Wave Wall Console follows the lines of the Wave Desk, inspired by the curved shape of a wave as if frozen in its momentum or in a rebound. I wanted to create an elegant twist that rests softly against the tabletop, creating a loop that is not quite closed, with a drop-off that is slightly hidden under the tabletop and at the same time clearly visible. As for the Wave desk, the surfing world inspired the line, flat for the top and twisted for the movement of the body and the waves, but also the impression of weightlessness, of floating, of sliding. The fixings to the wall are invisible, and the illusion of suspension is perfect.

In 2017, in the same ecological approach that animated me to rethink all my collections, I abandoned the initial method of construction. The Wave Console, which was originally made of fiberglass topped with a wood veneer, was able to shed all other materials and be made only of wood. Since 2017, it has been made of glued laminated American walnut. I have made several other versions, in other species such as Santos Rosewood for example, in other dimensions too.

This piece of furniture can be made to measure.

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