Wave Desk in oak


H 75 x W 190 x D 80 cm

Created in 2014, the Wave Desk is from my Ribbon collection. Designed like a wooden wave, both soft and frozen in an elegant curve; the top is thicker in the middle, providing the desk with rigidity and stability.
Its name, Wave, illustrates my source of inspiration. I wanted to recreate a single, seemingly suspended line, as if it were a big crashing wave; a desk that seems almost off-balance, one that seems to float in infinite movement.
This desk was the result of various technical experiments: fiberglass soaked and infused with resin, a technique similar to making boat hulls… The technical challenge? To give the illusion that there is no assembly and that the desk is made of solid wood from a single molding.
In 2017 I completely redesigned the Wave Desk. This time I used no technological materials, carbon or fiberglass; the only material was wood: very thin layers of superimposed American walnut. Since then, I have applied this more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to the other furniture in my collections. This is also partly why I use American walnut; indeed it is a wood species with contemporary colors that grows in France and is processed locally near my workshop.
This desk can be made to measure.

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