22 Bishopsgate – London, UK

furniture creation

In 2017, I was selected by the PLP Architecture agency and their lead architect Karen Cook to conceive and carry out an exceptional project: the lobby of 22 Bishopsgate, the tallest building in the City of London. In close collaboration with maison parisienne gallery, I designed and created seven unique pieces along the lines of my Ruban collection. These exceptional pieces were installed between 2020 and 2021.
My thought process for this project was to conceive monumental works in harmony with the architecture of the place, perfectly integrating a design that is both warm and practical. Indeed these seven design pieces had to be both decorative and practical in order to sit or work in this welcoming space.
The central element of this project is a “High Table” made of a huge rolling ribbon reaching a height of almost 4 meters at the mezzanine level of the second floor. The flat part of this ribbon, or central platform, can be used by visitors of 22 Bishopsgate as a high counter on which to work or talk.
Near this high table, I made two long benches (“Benches”) several meters long that roll up and support the building’s pillars. These benches, made of wooden ribbons, are visually harmonious with the High Table and bring symmetry to the space.
On either side of the lobby, I created two high benches (“Perched Benches”) inspired by my Möbius Console. The very high seat formed by its spectacular loops allows for a sit-stand position.
Finally, I made two high reception desks for the eastern entrance of the building. These pieces are inspired by my Wave Desk, a piece of furniture designed as a wooden wave frozen in movement.