Studio Harcourt – Paris, France

café harcourt furniture creation

In 2016 I designed a line of furniture for Studio Harcourt café, rue de Lota in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The project, managed by maison parisienne gallery, was to create unique and custom-made furniture that fit Studio Harcourt’s identity and the brand’s atmosphere.
Like Studio Harcourt’s black and white photographs, sculpted by light and the effects of contrasts, I decided to use contrasts for this collection of chairs, armchairs and tables. To pay homage to their portraits, both traditional and ultra-contemporary, I chose to work with the light and subtle material of carbon fiber which I combined with anthracite leather to create a range of gray shades. I also played with the dimensions of the table tops, in homothety with Studio Harcourt’s photographs. The structure of the seats is made of carbon – simple, light and resistant – molded into sharp and graphic shapes. The round base, supple and sensual, is made of American walnut and an accumulation of 40 layers of laminate wood glued together with hardened resin to provide exceptional resistance.