Console Möbius Oak


H 95 x W 185 x D 75 cm

Created in 2013 the Möbius Console is an endless loop inspired by the work of German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius and his geometric shape the Möbius ribbon which is a dense, compact surface with only one side; there is no interior or exterior. This is the aesthetic aspect I wanted to convey in my console: a sense of lightness, elegance, and even mystery! Just like a tree has its trunk and branches, my furniture is an assembly of wood without seams or visible joints – a flowing continuity of flexible and smooth material.
At first I made the Console with an internal carbon fiber structure, a hidden base on which I applied a wood veneer. My very first console was made of Santos rosewood, an exotic and delicate wood. Presenting a veritable technical challenge, I have constantly sought new solutions and my work on the Möbius Console has evolved over time, as has its design. I have made it from various wood species, from rosewood to olive and stained walnut to padauk…
In 2017, I took a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach and sought to reduce the ecological impact of the Console. The goal was to do away with any material other than the wood itself. Nowadays the Möbius console is made of very thin layers, only a few millimeters thick, stacked and glued with resin. I can now create more pronounced, spectacular and softer curves.
From the outset, the Möbius console was a flagship piece. I have made several models in various dimensions, wood species and colors… A version made of natural American walnut was acquired by the MAD -Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2019. In 2020, a version in African padauk, a bright red wood that is outdoor-use resistant, was acquired by the Mobilier National.
This console can be made to measure.

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