Eclosion high table


H 75 x W 140 cm

Created in 2019 for PAD Paris, the Eclosion High Table is built in a homothetic ratio to the Eclosion Coffee Table: the shape and proportions remain the same, but the High Table is more elongated in height.
Whether it is a dining room table or an office desk, a conference or meeting table, the Eclosion High Table is functional, elegant and made with the same steam bending process as the Eclosion Coffee Table. Its kinetic base requires greater rigidity than the Coffee Table, as it is designed to support more weight when the table is in use. The glass top, round or oval, provides a sense of lightness and transparency in order to highlight the curves of the base.
The standard model of the Eclosion High Table is ideal for 4 people, and can comfortably seat up to 6 people.
This table can be made to measure.

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