Eclosion coffee table


H 45 x D 110 cm

Created in 2016, the Eclosion Coffee Table uses the same concepts of the Genesis Armchair: the kinetic bursting of its base, composed of intertwined ribbons of wood, recalls the curves of the armchair.
The Eclosion Coffee Table is first made of glued laminated wood, a layering of 2mm thick wood glued together to mold the final shape. I then used another technique, steam bending, which gives an identical aesthetic result.
I made several versions of the Eclosion Coffee Table: with a set of three slats and a single long curve. The current version, with a double shape of two times four slats for its base, is perfectly stable. It is mounted with a made to order glass top: perfectly round or slightly or perfectly oval shaped. This transparent top allows you to discover all the angles of the base and adds to the impression of the table’s lightness.
I also made a version of the Eclosion Coffee Table with a wooden top, more solidly attached to the structure than the glass top, which is placed on the base. I work the wooden top using oak or walnut; they can be either the same color as the base or a different shade, with or without an edge.
In October 2020, the Eclosion Coffee Table with a glass top was acquired by the Mobilier National. It was then featured during the President’s “Vœux aux Français” (New Year Wishes), during his televised speech on December 31st, 2020.
This table can be made to measure.

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