Symbiose wall console


H 115 x W 138 x D 59 cm / Ribbon width 20 cm

For my 10th anniversary I created a brand new collection in 2021. The Fusion collection is a unique blend of my two signature collections: Ruban and Genesis.
The Fusion collection takes key elements from the Ruban collection: soft lines, elongated curves, streamlined design…
From the Genesis collection, the Fusion collection takes the kinetic accumulation of ribbons, powerful aesthetics and the contrast between materials…
Each piece from the Fusion collection is composed of several strips of laminate American walnut wood which diverge, meet and ultimately merge together. The molding is done once; all the slats are molded at the same time so that the entire movement of the curves is fluid and consistent.

My idea for the Symbiose Wall Console was to create a piece of furniture that was practical but above all aesthetic and sculptural. I created a floating wall console, conceived as an ornament, a wave of ribbons frozen in soft movement. The accumulation of slats is tight; they overlap to create a new unity that is both plural and unique. The slats on the top come together and merge into a smooth surface on which objects can be placed.
The Symbiose Wall Console is designed to be versatile: it can be made to measure in different colors, materials, sizes and positions: the loop can be right or left, longer or shorter. It can also be combined with the Symbiose Shelf.

The Symbiose Wall Console was first unveiled during the collection’s launch by the maison parisienne gallery during Paris Design Week 2021.

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